3 Important Factors You Should Check for Interstate Removal of Your Car

 3 Important Factors You Should Check for Interstate Removal of Your Car

When it comes to moving your car across the country, there are a quite a few options, such as driving your car yourself, hire a driver or hire an interstate vehicle transport company.

The last option is considered to be the most practical and it often costs less than the other two. Here are certain tips you should follow while hiring a car shipping company.

1. Which Type of Car Transport to Choose?

As such, car transport companies can transport any type of car to any location; for example, American muscle car imports from Dazmac Logistics are also possible. but there are various ways they do it.

The cheapest and the most preferred among these is open transport. Although this is the cheapest option, it also exposes your car to elements during transport. Obviously it has higher risk of damage.

A safer alternative is enclosed car transport in which your car is contained in a covered trailer and is therefore safe inside. Although this is a safer option, it’s at least 50% more expensive.

You also get different options of the type of truck in which your car will be carried and the ways you can receive your car, such as door-to-door service, or drop-off and collection at a depot.

In a door-to-door service, the transport company will arrive to you to collect the vehicle and deliver it to the address you specify to them on the other end.

Remember that the large trucks most transporters use may have to struggle with narrow roads near your house; so, door-to-door often means as close as possible.

If you choose to drop off and collection at the depot, it’s more convenient for the shipping company, and so, it’s often a cheaper option.

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2. Duration

How long the transport company will take to deliver your car depends on several factors.

Less pricier services are often less flexible, and they need you to rely on their schedule rather than yours. In that case, the removal of your car can take 2 to 4 weeks.

However, some companies offer the removal within 7 to 14 days if you’re ready to pay a little more.

It should be remembered that since transportation can be affected by traffic conditions, weather conditions or breakdown, most companies don’t assure you of delivery dates.

3. Insurance

All transport companies are required by law to provide insurance for the cars they ship, in case they are damaged.

However, the cover may not be enough for some car owners. There may even be a deductible if you’d have to make a claim. Hence it’s essential to go carefully through the cover offered by the shipping company.

Don’t hesitate to check the copy of their insurance document, so that you can ensure that your car is under insurance cover, and you can also see what coverage you are offered.

Your own car insurance may also cover your vehicle while being transported. It’s always a good idea to talk to your broker to take their advice.

Studying how car shipping companies operate, such as car shipping Perth to Sydney with Dazmac Logistics, can be helpful while shipping your car to another state. Do your research and make an informed decision.

Jean Lee