Guidelines for First-timers to Prep Your Car for Shipping

 Guidelines for First-timers to Prep Your Car for Shipping

Relocating to another town or state is thrilling, but even a little concern about packaging your possession before the removal team arrives. You also need to consider your car to get shipped to your new home. Choose the way you desire your car to be shipped. Determine who will ship the vehicle. Entrusting an auto shipping company with your valuable possession is challenging. You want the vehicle to reach its final destination smoothly.

You need to look for a reliable and experienced auto shipping company. Ship a car has trained drivers, updated permits, and extensive experience. The drivers are skilled to handle different situations. You can get a free quote and exceptional shipping services. The rates will be based on the options you choose – open or enclosed transport services.

The first-time car shipping means you hardly have any idea on how to prepare your car or what to expect during pick-up and car delivery.

Tips to prep your car for shipping

  • Wash the car exterior cleanly.
  • Perform a visual inspection after washing the car. Look for discoloration, scratches, dents, or paint chips. There are fewer chances of your car getting damaged during transit, but it is wise to be prepared for the undesired possibilities.
  • Take pictures from different angles of the dents or scratches for your record. The picture will also help if the shipping company denies new damages. Even write notes with the images for reference.
  • Take look under the bonnet or below the car for leakages. If you detect any, then have it fixed. Even note the car’s odometer reading. During transit, your car does not get driven. It will be loaded on top of a truck from the pickup point and loaded off as it reaches the final destination.
  • Check car fluids, charge the battery, check tire pressure, and keep gas tank 1/8 full. Car maintenance ensures that once it gets delivered to your new location, it is all prepared for a road drive.
  • Remove exterior removable parts for protection during transport. It includes racks, antennas, side view mirrors folding. Even check the interiors for any personal items. If any remove them.
  • Deactivate the toll tags or automatic parking passes.
  • Make sure that the emergency jack kit, spare tire, hand tools, and license plate are all left in the car. Even lock the car, but you will need a set of keys to give to the pickup driver. Have an extra set made to give the shipment driver?
  • If there are any specific instructions to give to the pickup driver, write them down.

What to expect –

During pickup

Be present when the pickup driver notifies his arrival. Inspect the car with the driver and sign the lading bill. Lading bill is a legal contract, so read it before signing. Clear your doubts if any and give the handling instructions.

During delivery

The delivery process is similar to the pickup. After inspecting your car with the driver sign the lading bill and release him.

Donnald Crezy