Protecting the Health of Your Automobile With an Extended Warranty

 Protecting the Health of Your Automobile With an Extended Warranty

Owning vehicles comes in handy in times of need and is also a passion of few people. The craze for owning automobiles never dies down among enthusiasts because they truly understand and love the efforts put behind manufacturing these to make them the way they are. But a major reason why people may hesitate on owning a vehicle is the huge amounts that go into its repairs and upkeep.

An automobile consists of various parts that each, need to be in good condition for the vehicle to run smoothly. These costs incurred in their maintenance keep accumulating over the years and may sometimes even exceed the original cost of the vehicle. Well, warranties provided by your car company during its purchase may help, but these last only for a few years. This is when something called an extended warranty serves practical.

What is an extended warranty?

A warranty is basically a guarantee provided to the customer to repair or replace parts in case of damage, within a specified period of time. But once this period expires, this guarantee is lifted. In order to keep your vehicle protected, you can extend its warranty.

An extended warranty is a service or a maintenance contract that is offered to customers by manufacturers or other dealers, in addition to the regular warranty offered during the purchase. It can be opted after a vehicle’s factory warranty expires. However, these may differ depending on the parts covered, their usage, and other factors.

Importance of extending your warranty

  • Enables you to keep your vehicle for a longer period without having to worry about its maintenance costs
  • Can deem cost-friendly when compared to repairs that can get expensive
  • Ensures peace of mind for the owner
  • It lets you explore various companies and coverage plans to best suit your needs

How to avail an extended warranty?

Getting in touch with automobile manufacturers or dealers can help you get this service of an extension on your warranty, or make you aware and introduce you to well-reputed companies that provide the same. These companies offer various protection plans that can also guarantee protection to covered parts of your vehicle that usually cannot be repaired. In such a case, they will also fully replace that specific part of your vehicle.

Companies that offer these can charge variedly according to several factors. These factors could be the vehicle’s model, location, deductible charges for each repair, level of protection plan, etc. Few plans may cover on basic fronts such as engine transmission system, cooling system, drive axle, breakage system, etc. While few may also offer something called a complimentary lockout assistance and cover on the car steering system too.

If you are looking for an extended warranty for your automobile, there are many good companies out there also featured on UrbanMatter a reliable media platform. This will help you research and pick out the best company that will offer you this service because they care to protect the health of your automobile.

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