What is Stored in the Upcoming Genesis GV80

 What is Stored in the Upcoming Genesis GV80

Genesis has always put all the luxury automakers on alert, whenever it has launched its own new product. The launch of the first Genesis luxury three-row crossover SUV GV80 model series can be cited as the latest proof of this fact, that did stir the worldwide market of this segment. As per the sales team of the Corona Genesis dealership, Genesis as the luxury wing of Hyundai has been making great cars mainly in the sedan and hatchback styles, and now with the GV80 it has taken its first step into the threshold of crossover SUVs.

With the production of the GV80 models Genesis has earned a lot of respect from both its peers and critics alike, as it has proved its mettle in making the utility car segment transcend into the status of premium luxury.

Genesis made theGV80 models ready for the 2021 year edition packing in them with great value both in terms of feature count and material quality. The proposition of all this to be included in the 2021 GV80 models was enough to uplift the crossover SUV segment and help it witness a sharp rise in popularity and sales record.

The 2021 Genesis GV80 models are now all set to luxuriate the three-row crossover SUV ride experiences like never before. With all the feature declared for this Genesis crossover, one can now see the model competing with the Cadillac XT6, the Lincoln Aviator, and as well as BMW X7.

Solid Base Model

When the brand name of a car reads Genesis, you can be rest assured that even at the bottom level every car will come better equipped than the mid or top level of its competitors, and that too in lesser price claims.

The 2021 Genesis GV80 will be no exception to this rule. Its Base model will offer more number of standard features than those of its competitors. The 2020 Genesis GV80 though as a three-row crossover will have many thing in common with its parent model G80 sedan.

So the 2021 Genesis GV80 crossover SUV that will make more than enough room for up to seven passengers will also have in its feature list a host of standard equipment including 16-way power-adjustable seats, heated leather seats, available second-row captain’s chairs with power reclining feature enabled while an available Active Motion Driver’s Seat is also on the cards which is meant to reduce the driving fatigue for the occupants and a massaging option to rejuvenate ones tired posterior.

Safety Zone

Genesis though proclaimed as a premium luxury car brand has always been selected by the IIHS and NHSTA as the most safe car in the market, as it has standardized the installation of front and rear automatic emergency brakingwith pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, active lane control, and a driver-attention monitor on all trims across the 2021 lineup.

The Genesis Corona dealership assured that as soon as the automaker updates the full list of features, they will alert us, and also let us know when the GV80 will hit the showrooms and will be put on sale.

Clare Louise