A Few Regulations To Know While Driving Rental Cars in Canada

 A Few Regulations To Know While Driving Rental Cars in Canada

There are a few general rules like putting the seatbelt on and not talking on mobile phones and some specific ones like not going off-roads, but you should know them all before you sit behind the wheel. Long before you visit Canada for a vacation or work, you should do some research on the driving rules, the traffic regulations and other important things to avoid problems later. Of course, you’ll be renting a car, but that too requires certain conditions to be fulfilled. In this post, we aim to clear your doubts and provide you as much information you need to drive along the Canadian roads without any hassle. Read on and take notes if possible. 

You mustn’t turn right at red lights in Montreal

The rest of Quebec allows you to turn right at a red light, except when prohibited. However, on the island of Montreal, you shouldn’t turn right at any red light. You should follow and interpret the traffic signs properly while taking turns to avoid a fine. 

Take a note of the key speed limits

In most of the cities in Canada, the regular speed limit is 50 km/h, for 2-lane highways, it’s 80 km/h and for the highways, it’s somewhere 90-100 km/h. There may be exceptions, and you should do the research well to keep them in mind while driving. 

Park your rented car properly

Don’t leave your car just about anywhere in Canada, as they patrol the streets quite often. Find a free parking spot, close to the meter, where you’ll have to type in your vehicle number along with the parking spot number to calculate the hours of parking. It’s best to park near the ‘P’ sign, which stands for municipal parking and is cost-effective. 

Avoid encountering animals on the road

You can come across bears or moose in Nova Scotia or Alberta, but there are fewer chances of encountering them in other places. Again, follow the road signs religiously to avoid unfortunate incidents with animals on the road. When driving from Ontario to Quebec, you can spot some exotic birds or rabbits, so drive carefully. 

Don’t drink alcohol and drive

Drunk driving is a serious offence and strictly forbidden in Canada, and your driving license can be cancelled right away if you break the rules in this case. So when you’re planning for a long Friday night, make sure you take a cab. 

If you’re planning on renting a car for a longer duration, say 3 months or so, you should be aware of the aforementioned rules to avoid unnecessary troubles on the road. Contact a reliable agency like Location Decarie for monthly car rentals at affordable rates, and their officials will help you get acquainted with the driving rules and traffic regulations in the area. If you have any questions, don’t forget to ask. Most of the problems can be nipped in the bud by asking.



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