Month: <span>July 2020</span>

Top 5 Used Cars with BS6 Engine in India

To reduce the ever-increasing population in the country, the Government of India had mandated shifting from Bharat Standard 4 (BS-IV) to Bharat Standard 6 (BS-VI) engine from April 1, 2020. The regulations are tighter and compelled car manufacturers to upgrade the engines to meet the BS-VI norms. Manufacturers will no longer produce BS-IV vehicles. However, […]Read More

2020 GV80: The New Utility Luxury Car from Genesis

Genesis is the luxury offshoot of Hyundai since the year 2015. The brand has raced against time to see its products beside the stalwarts of premium luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi. Till now Genesis focused mainly on manufacturing classic sedan models that stood in their segments as epitomes of luxury cars. But […]Read More

The Aqua Bike Options You Can Go for

More and more aquatic centers are equipping aqua bikes in order to offer this activity to their members. Now, individuals can also own one or more provided they have a swimming pool at home. The Key Steps for Choosing Your Aquabike First, think about adapting your aqua bike to your pool and not the other […]Read More

Go For Leasing A Returned Car: A Cheap Option

Growing or owning any type of service business needs capital. Most of the significant capital is borrowed for purchasing supplies and equipment needed. In some cases like for smaller companies, finding money is such a difficult situation, even if it is just a part of it. Smaller companies are not comfortable with taking so much […]Read More

Best Place to Get Replacement Keys for Ford Cars

There is no doubt over the fact that Ford happens to be one of the best and most popular brand names as far as the car is concerned. It is known to come up with some of the best, stylish, versatile and interesting range of cars for one and all. Everyone takes care of their […]Read More

How to Preserve Your Car Paint from Fading Too Soon

Refreshing your car’s paint (especially with the same color) every year or two could be costly and boring. Of course, you may have to do it if you are concerned about the fading vehicle you drive around. Colors fade, and the only option you may have is to get a solution that keeps your car […]Read More

How to Buy a GMC Car in Baton Rouge Without

Getting the car you desire should not be difficult once you have the money to purchase it. Surprisingly, a lot of people go through so much stress before they can have their car parked in their garage. Why? Several factors come into play. From slow paperwork to bad customer services, and even unavailability of the […]Read More