Month: <span>August 2021</span>

Get to know Compressed natural gas (CNG) and conversion systems

Bi-Fuel or Switchable System Bi-fuel system also called “switchable” system is a CNG Conversion which is only used for gasoline type engines. Through this conversion system the driver can freely switch the engine to run on gasoline or natural gas. No modifications were made to the engine. With the Bi-Fuel CNG system, natural gas is […]Read More

Ways of paying for semi-truck repair

How to get a loan for a semi truck? We all know that commercial truck repairs are pricey, and they might be tough to afford if you have a tight budget. If your semi-truck wants repairing, you can think about a commercial truck repair loan. However, like lots of Americans, you might be bothered about […]Read More

How Luxurious are the 2022 Audi Crossover SUVs?

For the year 2022, most of the vehicles seen in the expansive SUV lineup of Audi have received new changes that include increase in their standard equipment as well as in the feature package options. When we asked the Santa Maria Audi dealer about all the luxuries that are offered in the Audi crossover SUVs […]Read More

How To Make Your Window Tint Last?

Vehicle owners can relate to improving their car’s function, comfort, and look and what most people do not realize is that by adding a window tint, they can easily achieve all of those. While it is essential to maintain the car’s engine and other working parts, the windows positioned around the car also need attention […]Read More