How To Select The Right Brake Rotors For Your Vehicle?

 How To Select The Right Brake Rotors For Your Vehicle?

Brake rotors are present in each wheel to stop a car with the help of brake pads. They do this by turning kinetic motion into heat as the brake pads press against the rotors, making your vehicle stop. 

Brake rotors are distinguished by how the rotor surface is cut. Some have slots and holes in them as these cuts let more air to reach the face of the rotor, helping to dispel heat that occurs due to braking. While this might seem simple, vehicles need different rotors to carry out different types of tasks as the cuts and holes in the rotors reduce some of the braking force. 

For daily use vehicles: 

When you don’t need a high-performance vehicle, smooth, blank rotors are the ones you should use. These common rotors are made of iron and are found usually in non-performance vehicles. They have a longer life than most types of brake rotors and are quiet in their performance. They also produce lesser dust than other rotors, making them an ideal option for daily use vehicles. They also cost low, which is another bonus. 

For wetter climates:

In places where rains and snow are frequent, it is better to get rotors with holes drilled on their surface. These drilled brake rotors are unaffected by dust, water, snow, and heat. Cross-drilled surface rotors have more stopping power as they provide more friction. The holes drilled on the surface remove water or heat trapped on its surface, preventing it from becoming slippery. They are also lighter in weight, weighing 20 percent lesser than non-drilled rotors. 

For performance drivers:

During high-performance driving, there is a lot of friction and heat generated in the rotors. Using slotted rotors causes air to circulate the surface of the rotors, making them cool down quicker. The heat and gas developed during the ride or any traces of water are directed away from the rotor surface due to the slots and the higher friction levels make these rotors handle the stress of performance car driving well. Slotted rotors are more durable than drilled rotors. 

You can choose between a wide variety of rotors, all of them having their advantages and disadvantages to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. To shop for different rotors that are most suited to your vehicle and your style, visit and browse through their catalog of rotors.

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