The Aqua Bike Options You Can Go for

 The Aqua Bike Options You Can Go for

More and more aquatic centers are equipping aqua bikes in order to offer this activity to their members. Now, individuals can also own one or more provided they have a swimming pool at home.

The Key Steps for Choosing Your Aquabike

First, think about adapting your aqua bike to your pool and not the other way around much more expensive. Then allocate a budget knowing that you can find used aqua bikes between 400 and 600 $. The range of a new aqua bike is from 700 $ to 2000 $ and more, depending on the accessories you want. Finally, define the frequency of use and your sport level. You can have the motomarine sea-doo usagé tips also.

Amortization on Investment For Individuals

Let’s do a little calculation knowing that on average aqua biking lessons in aquatic centers are 13 $ per 45 minutes. By taking a new aquabike at $ 1,100 including tax, it will take 85 sessions to amortize it. In one summer from the beginning of June to the end of September, by performing one session per day, that is to say 92 days, you are largely above. Therefore, by extrapolating, you can amortize your NEW aquabike by $ 1,100 including tax in two summers.

The Aquabike for Individuals

The vast majority of aquabikes are made of stainless steel 316L. It is of “marine” quality with an anti-corrosion treatment. You need to buy an INOX treatment product. Choose an aquabike depending on the depth of your pool. In general, it is preferable to have 3/4 of your body immersed and not to have your legs stretched during pedaling. Most aquabikes are adjustable for depths from 1.10 meters to 1.70 meters. Be careful because some aquabikes do not have adjustments at the level of the supports feet of the aquabike front and rear to adjust the height of the whole set.

If you are the only one to use it, I recommend an aquabike with settings:

  • The height of the front and rear supports
  • Handlebar and saddle height
  • Depth, front / rear of the handlebars and saddle.

That is to say, move forward and backward the handlebars and the saddle in order to have optimal adjustments. Some models have resistance settings on the pedals and in the center of the aquabike. It is not compulsory since by varying the exercises, you can make them harder and harder and vice versa.

An important part in your choice of aquabike is the weight of it. You will necessarily have to take it out of the water for the winter period and for maintenance in general. The weight varies according to the models.  You have to check if it has casters to hoist it out of the water, along the wall.

If the depth of your pool is important more than 1m60, you have the possibility of finding aquabikes that hang by the pool. For physiotherapists and thalassotherapy, a maximum of settings is preferable so that rehabilitation is optimal for each patient.

The Individual Aquabike for Beauty Salons Capture

There are individual cabins with integrated aquabike. They are generally equipped with strategically placed hydro-massage jets and a light therapy system. There is no coach. Therefore, it is up to you to choose your program using a touch screen. The big disadvantage of this type of equipment is the limit of freedom of movement. You will not be able to sit in the saddle last, for example.

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