Wheel Chocks And Parking Stops To Delimit And Signal Garage Spaces

 Wheel Chocks And Parking Stops To Delimit And Signal Garage Spaces


The wheel chocks and traffic bump are essential for optimizing the parking space, signaling parking spaces, and marshaling yards in industrial and private premises. The stops for parking and chocks parking cars also have great utility in public and private parking lots. In this post, we will review the options of combined use of stops and chocks to improve safety.

The delimiter stopper is a simple and efficient device anchored to the ground that signals, delimits, and provides visibility to parking spaces and traffic areas in enclosures where cars, trucks, all-terrain, forklifts, forklifts and their merchandise are mobilized, in addition to the People who operate the equipment.

For industrial use cases we highlight our heavy truck stop, whose installation can be complemented by the large dimension delimiter stop and the short rail separator; without forgetting that when it comes to increasing safety in loading and unloading maneuvers, it is necessary to have truck wheel chocks that properly immobilize the vehicle.

As for public and private parking, the use of the delimiter speed humps, both our large-scale model and the short-lane separating stop, allow us to signal, delimit, give visibility and safety within the enclosure to both cars that share the common space, to the limits of each parking space, as to the maneuvering areas where the owners of the vehicles also move.

Wheel Chocks And Combined Use Parking Bumpers: Versatile And Effective

Characteristics Of The Short Rail Separator Delimiter Stop:

  • Made of recycled rubber with reflective band
  • Measurements: Height 80 mm x Width 540mm x depth 150 mm
  • Easy installation. Two fixing points with plugs and screws included


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