When Should You Replace Your Car’s Fuel Pump?

 When Should You Replace Your Car’s Fuel Pump?

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The Mercedes fuel pumps are found inside the vehicle’s tank. Its purpose is to send the fire from the tank to the engine which gives it power. Due to its hard to reach location and the importance of its function, fuel pumps are built to last and often go unchanged for years.

However, no matter how well the fuel pumps are made, problems are still bound to happen, and they usually occur at the most inconvenient of times. During these events, it is possible that a new fuel pump is required. How can you tell if your Mercedes Benz’s fuel pump needs replacing? Here are some signs:

1: Stuttering Engine

One of the most obvious signs of fuel pump issues is the engine stuttering and jolting when the vehicle is being driven at a steady speed. The stuttering can be due to the pump’s inability to deliver the right amount of fuel to the engine which makes it hard to maintain speed.

2: Poor Fuel Efficiency

If all of a sudden it seems like you are stopping over to fill up the tank more often than you used to, there might be some fuel pump issues. Faulty Mercedes fuel pumps that need replacing either deliver too much or not enough fuel to the engine. Without the right amount of fuel, the engine cannot operate efficiently which leads to it burning more fuel than normal.

Fixing the issue early results in more savings, both on the replacement parts and the cost of fuel.

3: Squealing Noises

Any kind of squealing or whining noise from a vehicle is a cause for concern. However, if the high-pitched squealing noise occurs when driving at a steady speed, this indicates that there is an excessive amount of wear and tear on the components of the fuel pump.

If the pump is not replaced as soon as possible, this can lead to serious mechanical failures.

4: Sudden Engine Surges

Experiencing sudden surges in speed of a jolt of power while driving is not just a bad sign, it is also very dangerous. Sudden surges in traffic can cause accidents, even minor fender benders are a nuisance no driver wants to encounter.

The burst of energy can be due to a malfunctioning fuel pump that is delivering too much fuel into the engine causing it to suddenly surge. If this happens to you, get the fuel pump checked by a mechanic right away.

5: Engine Starting Issues

Drivers who have to crank the engine excessively just to start the car have a major problem on their hands. With luck, the cranking can result in the engine starting up and running normally, but this just means the car is running on borrowed time.

When the pumps eventually fail, this will result in the engine not starting at all which puts the driver and passengers in danger of getting stranded.

Don’t wait until you are stuck at the side of the ride in the middle of nowhere to replace the fuel pump. The moment you notice the signs mentioned above, it’s time to consult with a mechanic for repairs.

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