Clare Louise

Proper SUV Tyre Selection Leads To A Safer Drive

Since SUVs are larger vehicles than ordinary passenger cars, you will also need to have different tyres, tyres that can handle the increased size and load. If you then also select an electric SUV or a hybrid, you also need to consider the additional increase in the overall weight caused by the heavy battery packs. […]Read More

Know the information about buying a car in finance

Everyone want to travel anywhere with comfort. For this they require a own vehicle to travel anywhere at anytime comfortably. But many people can’t afford to buy an own vehicle. This make several people to buy an used car. Even though people are buying used cars, they want to buy the best out of them. […]Read More

Hauling boats for money: How to become a boat hauler?

In this present situation of new-normal while growth of the economy of each and every business is extremely going downwards, the National Marine Manufacturers Association has recently reported that the boat hauling business is developing dramatically. According to NMMA’s report while September of the last deadly year has seen total loss in the business, after […]Read More

How Unique is the 2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata Model Series?

The MX-5 Miata is a unique model in the segment of sports cars, wherein the series has always been considered as one of the iconic examples in its own segment. Its history being stretched back to 30 years ago shows us all its journey from being a mere pony car to an exemplary model of […]Read More

Things You Should Know About Gigafactory

Elon Musk may look more like a cartoon character than a real person. Initially, his name is Eron Musk. Second, he’s an engineer and inventor and runs a company known for making cars with unusual parts and devices. First, he’s a millionaire on a mission to save the world, like the less original version of […]Read More

Should the Car Bumper Be Repaired or Replaced?

If the rear-end of your car, is damaged sue to a collision, it is for sure that the bumper will show up as dented. Bumpers are meant lose their faces, in order to save our lives. so, bumper damage will be found as common as any dent or scratch in cars all over the world. […]Read More

Checking Out the 2020 Genesis G70 Sedan Model Series

There is something worth noticing in the 2020 edition of Genesis G70 sedan model series, since the automaker has succeeded in securing for this flagship model a higher rank in its own segment. The current scenario of the automotive market where small luxury cars are lagging behind in the popularity and sales of the crossovers, […]Read More

2020 GV80: The New Utility Luxury Car from Genesis

Genesis is the luxury offshoot of Hyundai since the year 2015. The brand has raced against time to see its products beside the stalwarts of premium luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi. Till now Genesis focused mainly on manufacturing classic sedan models that stood in their segments as epitomes of luxury cars. But […]Read More

How Much Value Does the 2020 Volkswagen Jetta Returns?

Today it is rare to get a sight of those beautiful sedans that once used to dominate the market of automotive industry. Since the emergence of crossover SUV models, the market is seeing a sea change in its trend, where people are more after the utility aspect of a vehicle than its aesthetic presence. But […]Read More