Paul Davidson

Finding The Right Tyres For Your Vehicle 

When shopping for the best tyres for your vehicle, it is important to consider all road challenges. Keep in mind the different weather and road conditions, selecting from a tyre range that allows perfect traction in mud or snow and even for off-road adventures. All vehicle owners look for a brand that offers them good […]Read More

Send Your Scrap Cars to Car Wreckers

Destroying yards or scrap yards are places, where the decommissioned vehicles are brought and the usable parts in them are sold while the damaged and unusable parts are sold out to metal recycling organizations. Car wreckers work similarly. In Britain, destroying yards are known as, car breakers and bicycle breakers. Car wreckers or destroying yard […]Read More

Safest Cars of 2020 in India According to IIHS

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is an independent, educational, and non-profit organization to reduce losses occurring due to vehicular accidents. This organization evaluates vehicles on multiple parameters, such as headlights, crashworthiness, and safety technology. Based on these factors, IIHS has released a list of the safest cars in India in 2020. These include: […]Read More

Best Place to Get Replacement Keys for Ford Cars

There is no doubt over the fact that Ford happens to be one of the best and most popular brand names as far as the car is concerned. It is known to come up with some of the best, stylish, versatile and interesting range of cars for one and all. Everyone takes care of their […]Read More

How to Preserve Your Car Paint from Fading Too Soon

Refreshing your car’s paint (especially with the same color) every year or two could be costly and boring. Of course, you may have to do it if you are concerned about the fading vehicle you drive around. Colors fade, and the only option you may have is to get a solution that keeps your car […]Read More

Tires for a wide range of vehicles

There are tires for a wide range of vehicles. Most vehicles will have tires, if they move on the ground and if you think about it, even airplanes have tires. You do have some heavy machinery that move on tracks, like trains or then you have the tracked vehicles like some heavy equipment like caterpillar […]Read More

Must Do Maintenance Tips for Your Dodge Pickup Truck

Maintaining a truck isn’t the same as that of maintaining a car. Even though a standard pickup truck model of an automotive brand like Dodge is meant to endure much more than a family car, it also gets exposed to much more hardships and severe drive sessions, than any other vehicle. So, things are likely […]Read More

Top 3 SUVs from Chevrolet in 2020

One of the reasons Chevrolet became popular in the first place is different types of car manufactured by them along with their superior quality. One of their best car types involves the SUVs. All of them come with ample space, power, and styling. Hence, this article lists three SUVs which one can buy in 200 […]Read More

2020 Encore: The Pint Sized Crossover SUV from Buick

If you are in the opinion, that the primary aim of the crossover SUV segment is to carry more number of people and their belongings, you are certainly walking the wrong side. There are many crossover SUV models that are doing rounds in the market, that aren’t that big in size, but still do not […]Read More