Finding The Right Tyres For Your Vehicle 

 Finding The Right Tyres For Your Vehicle 

When shopping for the best tyres for your vehicle, it is important to consider all road challenges. Keep in mind the different weather and road conditions, selecting from a tyre range that allows perfect traction in mud or snow and even for off-road adventures. All vehicle owners look for a brand that offers them good fuel mileage, noiseless travel, comfort, and affordable prices. 

There are plenty of options available now for new tire buyers, including online shopping. Looking for the best tyre shop in Dubai? You can now choose online from Dubai Tyre Shop and enjoy the highest quality of services in every step of tyre buying process. Before you start shopping for new tyres, you must know about the basic requirements and especially those features that meet your driving needs. We have come up with a list of things that will enhance your tyre knowledge. 

Circumferentially Arranged Tread Blocks VS Radially Arranged Ones

Circumferentially designed tread blocks are placed in straight line around the tyre’s circumference. This allows the water to disperse after passing through it. In radially arranged tread design, the blocks go beyond the tyres which allows the water to pass from middle before going outside. The advantages of circumferential type are noiseless drive, low rolling resistance, and resistance to tyre cupping. These types of tires are considered perfect in rain. Radially arranged tyres are ideal for off-road adventures. The off road tyre price varies according to the brand you choose. Before finalizing your purchase get all the information you need on both types. With off-road tyres on-road performance can be affected as there is extra noise and relatively less mileage. 

Tyre Types 

All tyres look alike but this is far from the truth. Tyres have been characterized according to different weathers, road conditions, and driving preferences. 

All-Season Tyres – These tyres come with versatile performance attributes. Designed to perform in a variety of conditions, be it rain, snow, winter, or summers, all-season tires have been made to provide better traction, noiseless drive, and are cupping resistant. 

All-Terrain Tyres – Built for rugged conditions, this type of tires have good wear capabilities. All-terrain tyres come with an open tread design that improves traction on different surfaces. 

Mud Tyres – Considered premium off-road tyres, they are designed for extreme and challenging off-road conditions. Their aggressive tread pattern results in solid grip even on some of the worst surfaces. 

Summer Tyres – The dedicated rubber compound of these tires allows solid grip in dry and warm weather conditions. Having reduced rolling resistance, summer tyres generate less noise and provide greater fuel efficiency. 

Winter Tyres – The tread compound of these tyres use more natural rubber which enhances road grip on ice and wet road surface. The disadvantage of winter tire is that it wears easily and due to increased rolling resistance, results in more fuel consumption. 

Tyre Brands 

The brand you purchase is as important as the type of tyre. When deciding on a brand always look at affordability, durability, tread-life warranty, and reliability. Some of the top tire brands include Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Cooper, and Pirelli. For expert opinion on the brand and tyre type that best matches your requirement, check out a trusted online tyre shop and enjoy free consultation. 

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