Hauling boats for money: How to become a boat hauler?

 Hauling boats for money: How to become a boat hauler?

In this present situation of new-normal while growth of the economy of each and every business is extremely going downwards, the National Marine Manufacturers Association has recently reported that the boat hauling business is developing dramatically. According to NMMA’s report while September of the last deadly year has seen total loss in the business, after stepping into the new year the growth of the same business has increased more than 4% at once, especially after the Covid-vaccination has started. So, those who are really interested to start up a side business in order to add some money to their income,  they can try their luck with hauling business!

But there are few attributes that must be fulfilled to become a successful and proficient boat hauling business owner. In this article we will focus on some of such tips that would be helpful for the fresher boat haulers.

Let’s dive in:

  • Train and educate yourself adequately before stepping towards the new business

To make yourself an efficient boat hauling business owner you must have to educate yourself with the basics of the boat hauling methods and techniques and also gain knowledge how to advance your business by using the latest technologies. The education of hauling boats include different types of boat models along with their distinctive categories and features as there are lots of varieties of boats and every other boat requires a different hauling process. You must know the process of the maintenance of each and every kind of watercraft and also protection precautions for transporting boats. As a newbie it is not always possible to appoint drivers for your business, so you should learn the boat driving methods too. You should gather adequate information about all the available and suitable travel routes for better transportation. It would be better to get certified training from any registered professional boat hauling training center.

  • Arrange hauling or transporting vehicles

If you already have a transportation trailer as well as a vehicle, you are almost halfway ready to start your business. But you are planning to buy one, always evaluate the vehicle’s load bearing capacity and also check if it is fuel efficient. As you will need to cover a lot of miles for hauling boats, a fuel efficient trailer might save your fuel cost in the long run.

  • Be properly equipped with the necessary equipments that would be needed for loading and unloading

Other than the transporting vehicle, you must have to purchase proper equipment for quick, safe and hassle-free boat hauling every time. Such equipment include handy dollies, ratchet straps, bungee cords, moving blankets for securing the boats in the cargo area. Use tarp to protect the boats from rain while moving and also use red flags for safety precautions. By using proper hauling tools would save you from damage claims by the customers in future.

  • Make a registration to legalize your business

After starting any business must have to legalize it by registering it and also get a transportation business license to avoid custom related issues. You can consult with an attorney or any business consultant to register your business legally. You can consider LLC, LegalZoom or many other online resources to gather information.

  • Arrange attractive publicity procedures to grab maximum customers

To make your business popular you should promote it to grab the customers. As it is that everything starts from home as well, so start asking your family, friends and also people known by them about your company. You can also create an online marketing website with a detailed curriculum of your hauling business along with the services and facilities would be provided. You can also join any quick referral app like GoShare that may suggest your company to the customers.

  • Focus on building reputation

There is a saying that the first impression is the last impression. So make your working procedures, dress code and advanced equipment presentable to the customer. Your vehicle should be properly maintained and you should be gentle and polite while the customers’ service related queries. You must be punctual at your job and also try to update the service status to your customers time to time that would be appreciated later on.

  • Take care of the required insurance policies

You must have a business insurance to protect your business from any kind of unexpected mishap. This insurance should include vehicle insurance, cargo and liability insurance etc. To avail the different insurance options you can contact with the commercial insurance brokers or lawyers.

  • Try to make your business cost-effective

Try to set a fair price for hauling boats. If you are both the owner and to the driver, you are free to work as on your scheduled time. As you don’t have to pay anyone you can lower the cost of hauling in the beginning. After getting experienced and owning customers’ goodwills you can increase your service cost.

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