Must Do Maintenance Tips for Your Dodge Pickup Truck

 Must Do Maintenance Tips for Your Dodge Pickup Truck

Maintaining a truck isn’t the same as that of maintaining a car. Even though a standard pickup truck model of an automotive brand like Dodge is meant to endure much more than a family car, it also gets exposed to much more hardships and severe drive sessions, than any other vehicle. So, things are likely to be much different when it comes to keeping your pickup truck healthy, up and running.

When we visited the South Haven Dodge service center for a routine maintenance for our Dodge truck that we purchased a couple of years ago, we had a fruitful conversation with the staff there, from whom we got the following maintenance tips that we felt like worth sharing.

Preventive Maintenance is the Best Medicine

According to the team of mechanics we spoke about here, the best medicine to keep the trucks free from fleet related issues, and from costly repairs is to mindfully follow a preventive maintenance program without fail. It is only with such consistent perusal of checkups and preventive actions that a pickup truck like Dodge can survive and serve well in all business fields.

Follow the DOT (Department of Transportation) Checks and Regulations

Trucks are meant to be used for commercial purposes. So, as a truck owner you need to ensure that you meet all the regulations mentioned in the DOT (Department of Transportations) and go through all the road checks. They added that, by following these rules and regulations it will be easier for the drivers and owners to share the road with the traffic and make the truck perform better without compromising on safety.

What Does Preventive Maintenance Cover?

Preventive maintenance which is also known as scheduled maintenance for trucks mostly covers the following:

  • Tire inflation
  • Brake, suspension, and shocks inspection
  • Steering Alignment Inspection
  • Inspection of the Electrical Components
  • Change of engine oil and transmission fluids,
  • Inspection of headlights, taillights, and windshields

Here it is important to mention that if you own a Dodge truck, do make sure to assign all your maintenance responsibilities to the key members of your business so that they can ensure the required follow-through, as per the age and mileage of your truck from the last time it has undergone a maintenance.

Getting Ready to Fight the Seasonal Challenges

Trucks are commercial vehicles that need to serve your business round the year. But every season has its own boons and curses for the vehicles, especially the heavy ones like your Dodge truck. So  for that you need to keep it ready for all of those seasonal challenges like a cold engine, snowy roads, overheated engine and air conditioner, and the like.

Planning Ahead of Times

The servicing staff of the Dodge service near South Haven finally concluded that by following the above mentioned maintenance tips, one can deflect all the major expenses and also avoid accidents that happen from impaired mechanisms. They assured us that with proper and timely part replacement along with correct truck usage, and planning ahead of time, one can surely enjoy a long haul of his Dodge truck.

Paul Davidson