Proper SUV Tyre Selection Leads To A Safer Drive

SUV summer tyres

Since SUVs are larger vehicles than ordinary passenger cars, you will also need to have different tyres, tyres that can handle the increased size and load. If you then also select an electric SUV or a hybrid, you also need to consider the additional increase in the overall weight caused by the heavy battery packs. SUV tyres are wider than passenger tyres and bigger in diameter. The width of tyres is specified in centimetres, and you will have SUV tyres with a width of some 215 to 275 centimetres.

SUV tyres will have a higher load capacity than passenger car tyrehave, and you also need to make sure that you have the appropriate tyres for the season, so if you aim to drive in winter conditions, then you will need to also purchase some SUV winter tyres. It is not safe to drive during the winter with SUV tyres that aren’t approved for winter conditions. The main reason why you need winter tyres is that the rubber compound used made to remain soft and flexible during winter temperatures, while the compound used in summer tyres will turn hard and stiff and unable to provide the necessary traction that you need to be able to drive and stop your vehicle. 

Premium SUV tyres can improve the performance of your SUV as you get improved grip, handling and performance. For SUVs with a lot of horsepower under the hood, you need tyres that can handle them. Tyres can handle high speed and will give you optimal control over your vehicle when cornering and driving at high speeds. They also need to have a short braking distance in case you need to get your SUV to a halt. 

Proper SUV summer tyres can handle wet roads better than cheaper tyres, as they have a better grip on wet roads. They can also help to prevent aquaplaning from occurring by its addition of innovations. There are innovations that can improve the speed and quantity of water that is moved away from the road. The tyres need to remain in contact with the road surface, as If contact is lost, the tyre will glide on thewater layer, and you will lose all control over the vehicle. The consequences of aquaplaning are one of the main reasons for accidents during the summers. It is therefore important to factor this in when you select SUV summer tyres so that you select tyres that are good at preventing aquaplaning and have a good wet grip.

Cheap tyres will wear out faster due to higher rolling resistance, which also adds to your fuel costs. These factors increase the costs of owning your SUV. You can, though, have a similar effect if you have good tyres with the wrong air pressure in them. Regular checking of the tyre pressure will make sure that your tyres have the correct tyre pressure. Wrong pressure can negatively impact the performance and add fuel costs and reduce the life of your tyres.

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